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BX-Series Droid Commando Captain

When a mission called for more strength than a B1-Series Battle Droid but more agility than a B2-Series Super Battle Droid, then the BX-Series Droid Commandos were called in. The Commando Droids had better armor and programming than the standard Battle Droids, which made them much more effective in combat. However, these upgraded abilities came at a higher price, so as a result, far fewer of them were produced.

Like the other Commando Droids, the Commando Droid Captain is faster and more human in shape than the typical Battle Droid. Along with infiltration programming, the Commando Droid Captain has additional programming in tactics to better lead their squads of three to six other Commandos.

BX-Series Droid Commando Captains can't be played as Droid Heroes.

BX-Series Droid Commando Captain Statistics (CL 7) Edit

Medium 4th-Degree Droid Nonheroic 6/Soldier 4/Droid Commander 1

Force Points: 3

Initiative: +13; Senses: Low-Light Vision, Perception +12

Languages: Basic, Binary, 3 Unassigned

Defense Edit

Reflex Defense: 21 (Flat-Footed: 18), Fortitude Defense: 18, Will Defense: 20

Hit Points: 42, Damage Threshold: 17

Immune: Droid Traits

Offense Edit

Speed: 6 Squares (Walking)

Melee: Unarmed +9 (1d3+2)

Ranged: Blaster Rifle +13 (3d8+2)

Ranged: Blaster Rifle +8 (3d8+2) and Blaster Rifle +8 (3d8+2) with Double Attack

Base Attack Bonus: +9; Grab: +12

Attack Options: Autofire (Blaster Rifle), Double Attack (Rifles), Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Sniper

Special Actions: Automated Strike, Battle Analysis, Cover Fire

Base Stats Edit

Abilities: Strength 10, Dexterity 16, Constitution -, Intelligence 16, Wisdom 14, Charisma 8

Talents: Automated Strike, Battle Analysis, Cover Fire

Feats: Double Attack (Rifles), Improved Defenses, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Training (Use Computer), Sniper, Weapon Focus (Rifles), Weapon Proficiency (Pistols), Weapon Proficiency (Rifles), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Skills: Initiative +13, Knowledge (Tactics) +13, Perception +12, Stealth +13, Use Computer +13

Droid Systems: Walking Locomotion, Heuristic Processor, 2 Hand Appendages, Internal Comlink, Vocabulator

Possessions: Blaster Rifle, Electrobinoculars

Availability: Military; Cost: 18,800 credits

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