Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

You are able to resist any attempts to curb your independence and can fight back against anyone that tries to suppress your personality.

Defensive Electronics Edit

You defend your independence from all. When someone tries to Reprogram you, add your Independent Droid Class Level to your Will Defense.

Ion Resistance 10 Edit

You gain Damage Reduction 10 against Ion damage.

Soft Reset Edit

You are adept at rerouting your internal electronics. If you are moved to the bottom of the Condition Track by any means other than taking damage exceeding your Damage Threshold, you automatically move +1 step along the Condition Track after being disabled for 2 rounds.

Modification Specialist Edit

You have become skilled at Reprogramming and modifying your own Droid Systems. You do not incur the normal -5 penalty on Mechanics and Use Computer checks to Reprogram yourself or perform self-modifications.

Repair Self Edit

When you Repair yourself, your Repair 1 additional Hit Point for each point by which your Mechanics check exceeds the DC.

Additional Autonomy Talents Edit

Just a Droid Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scavenger's Guide to Droids

You are adept at passing yourself off as an ordinary Droid. You can use each of the following Actions once per encounter.

  • Just Another Droid: You are skilled at using Stealth to sneak past unwary enemies when moving in plain sight. You can use the Sneak application of the Stealth Skill when in plain sight of an enemy, if the enemy has no reason to doubt that you are just another Droid. You are considered Trained in Stealth for this Action.
  • Just a Normal Droid: You can reroll Deception checks for Deceptive Appearance to make observers believe that you are carrying out a standard function when attempting to do something atypical for your Droid Model or function. You may keep either result.

Swift Droid Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scavenger's Guide to Droids

Prerequisites: Any two Talents from the Autonomy Talent Tree

You move quickly when caught. You can make a Swift Action as a Reaction after failing a Deception check or a Stealth check.

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