Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Vehicles and Vessels

Starship Systems Type: Weapon Systems

Basic 1 Restricted 3000
Advanced 3 Military See Below

Using localized targeting computers tied into the ship’s sensor array, it is possible integrate an automated firing mode onto Weapon Systems. The System Operator activates or deactivates the system with a Swift Action. There are two different types of Automated Weapon Emplacements- Basic and Advanced. These two systems operate in very different ways.

A Basic Automated Weapon Emplacement is essentially a dumb fire system that must be preprogrammed. The System Operator can select any square or cluster of squares (Number of squares equal to the Vehicle’s Cost Modifier) within the weapon’s range and firing arc (Or merely within range if the weapon is a turret). Once per round, if any target moves into or through this square, the weapon opens fire as a Reaction. The targeted square can be changed once per round as an additional Swift Action. A Basic Automated Weapon effectively has an attack bonus equal to the ship’s Intelligence modifier. Friends can be distinguished and excluded from the systems’ firing solution, which requires one Swift Action per target from the System Operator (This is performed automatically if the ship has an IFF Transponder installed).

An Advanced Automated Weapon Emplacement is capable of operating in dumb fire mode, but uses a Droid Brain integrated into the weapon to also enable a smart fire system. Once activated, the system will intelligently select and fire on perceived threats to the ship. A stock Advanced Automated Weapon Emplacement costs 8,000 credits times the craft’s Cost Modifier and functions as if controlled by a level 1 Nonheroic Droid with Strength and Dexterity scores of 10 and an Intelligence score equal to the ship to which it is installed. These emplacements can be customized, adding Nonheroic levels to the Droid Brain at a cost of 5,000 credits times the craft’s Cost Modifier per level and a successful Use Computer check (DC 25). The level of the Automated Weapon Emplacement's Character Level cannot exceed the Challenge Level of the craft in which it is installed.

Any Weapon System that also possesses the Autofire option can use it in conjunction with the automated weapon option. All range and size modifiers still apply to Automated Weapon Emplacements.

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