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Any ranged weapon that has an Autofire setting can be set on Autofire as a Swift Action. Some Weapons, such as the E-Web Repeating Blaster, operates only in Autofire mode.

Autofire is treated as an Area Attack. You target a 2-square by 2-square Area, make a single attack roll at a -5 penalty, and compare the result to the Reflex Defense of every creature in the Area. Creatures you hit take full Damage, and the creatures you miss take half Damage. Autofire consumes ten shots or slugs, and it can only be used if the weapon has ten shots or slugs in it.

Autofire-Only Weapons Edit

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If you are using an Autofire-Only Weapon, you may Brace your weapon by taking two Swift Actions in the same Round immediately before making your Attack. When you Brace an Autofire-Only Weapon, you take only a -2 penalty on your Attack Roll when making an Autofire Attack or using the Burst Fire feat (See Burst Fire below).

Only Heavy Weapons, Rifles, and Pistols with an Extended Stock can be Braced.

Burst Fire Edit

The Burst Fire feat allows you to use a weapon set on Autofire against a specific target instead of an Area. You take a -5 penalty on your Attack Roll, but deal +2 dice of Damage. Using Burst Fire expends only half as many shots or slugs (Five instead of ten). This is not considered an Area Attack, so the Damage cannot be reduced using the Evasion talent (See Evasion below).

Evasion Edit

A character with the Evasion talent takes half Damage from a successful Autofire Attack, and takes no Damage from an Autofire Attack that misses their Reflex Defense.

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