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If an opponent moves out of a square adjacent to you, or performs an Action that forces them to let down their guard, you can make a single, immediate Attack against that opponent (Even if you've already acted during the Round). This is called an Attack of Opportunity.

You can only make Attacks of Opportunity with Melee Weapons, Natural Weapons, Pistols, Carbines, and any weapon with a Folded Stock. You may also make Attacks of Opportunity while Unarmed if you have the Martial Arts I feat.

Attacks of Opportunity I.jpg
Luke Skywalker moves 1 square and Attacks Royal Guard A. He provokes an Attack of Opportunity from Royal Guard B.

Provoking an Attack of Opportunity[edit | edit source]

Two Actions can Provoke Attacks of Opportunity:

  • Moving out of a Threatened Square.
  • Performing an Action that distracts you from defending yourself, and lets your guard down while in a Threatened Square.

Most characters Threaten the squares adjacent to them; larger creatures Threaten all squares within their Reach (See Reach below). A creature only Threatens an area if it is armed with a Natural Weapon, a Melee Weapon, a Pistol, a Carbine, or any weapon with a Folded Stock.

Moving out of a Threatened Square[edit | edit source]

When you Move out of a Threatened Square, you generally Provoke an Attack of Opportunity. You do not Provoke an Attack of Opportunity if you use the Withdraw Action (See Withdraw above), or if you successfully Tumble. Involuntary movement, such as being the target of a Bantha Rush or the Move Object Force Power, never provoke Attacks of Opportunity.

Attacks of Opportunity II.jpg
Mace Windu moves more than 1 square and Attacks the Rancor with his lightsaber. Mace Provokes Attacks of Opportunity from both Tusken Raider A and Tusken Raider B (Who are armed with Gaffi Sticks) as he moves out of their Threatened Squares. He also Provokes an Attack of Opportunity from the Rancor as he moves through it's Threatened Area (The Rancor has Reach).

Performing an Action that Distracts You[edit | edit source]

Some Actions, when performed in a Threatened Area, Provoke Attacks of Opportunity because they make you divert your attention from the fight at hand. The following Actions Provoke Attacks of Opportunity:

  • Making an Unarmed Attack without the Martial Arts I feat
  • Aiming
  • Loading a Weapon
  • Picking up an Item
  • Retrieving a Stored Item
  • Moving into an Opponent's Square
  • Using any Skill that distracts you or forces you to drop your guard (GM's determination)

Making Attacks of Opportunity[edit | edit source]

An Attack of Opportunity is a single free Attack, and you can only make one Attack of Opportunity per Round. You don't have to make an Attack of Opportunity if you don't want to. An Attack of Opportunity is always made at your Full Attack Bonus, minus any situational penalties you suffer.

You can't make an Attack of Opportunity if you're Flat-Footed.

Combat Reflexes[edit | edit source]

If you have the Combat Reflexes feat, you can make more than one Attack of Opportunity during a Round. However, you may only make one Attack of Opportunity per Provoking Action. (Moving any number of squares is treated as a single Provoking Action.)

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