Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

See also: Starship Maneuvers

This Attack Pattern utilizes close-range maneuvering by allied ships to make it more difficult to target and hit an individual vessel. The Attack Pattern typically requires the vessels to fly in a straight line toward their target, shielding the ships to the rear.

[Attack Pattern]

Time: Swift Action

Targets: Self

Make a Pilot check. If you succeed on a DC 20 Pilot check, you successfully activate this maneuver. While you are using Attack Pattern Delta as your chosen Attack Pattern, you gain a +1 maneuver bonus to your Vehicle's Reflex Defense any time you are adjacent to an allied Starfighter or Airspeeder.

Special: If any adjacent allies are using Attack Pattern Delta as well, your maneuver bonus to Reflex Defense increases to +2.

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