Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

See also: Job Generator, Assault (Mission)

A mission to assault someone is meant to send a message ("Pay up," or "You can run, but you can't hide"). As with Abductions and Assassinations, the attackers must locate the target, bypass security, fend off any guards, and then deliver a good solid beating. However, the goal is to injure, not kill, and so the assault must render the target unconcious (-5 steps on the Condition Track) but alive.

The following section provides guidelines on creating Assault missions at various challenge levels:

  • Heroes' Pay: Adventure CL x 1000 credits
  • Target (Easy): Normal citizen (Engineer, accountant, professor, etc.), Nonheroic character, Level = Adventure CL.
  • Target (Moderate): Famous person (Governmental official, holovid star), Heroic character, Level = Adventure CL.
  • Complication (Medium): Witnesses (Nonheroic 1); heroes must make Medium Stealth checks to avoid Notice.
  • Complication (Moderate): Secured accommodations require a Medium Gather Information check to locate and a Moderate Mechanics check to breach.
  • Complication (Moderate): Security team (6 Soldiers, CL = Adventure CL, armed with Blaster Rifles and Stun Grenades).
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