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Under the auspices of the Obroan Institute for Archaeology (Jedi Department), the Hanna Institute of Antiquities, and the hastily created New Republic Archaeological Corps (NRAC), archaeological projects are undertaken throughout Ossus. Excavations of The Great Library, The Chamber of Antiquities, and other sites attract xenoarchaeological teams from across the galaxy.

Before Master Skywalker's adventures on Ossus after the Battle of Endor, archaeological pursuits on the planet can be meet with a varying degree of success and hardships. During the reign of The Galactic Republic, some agencies (Again, the Hanna Institute of Antiquities, as well as the Academy of Jedi Archaeology) will sponsor research on Ossus and other worlds of interest to The Jedi and Republic. The University of Agamar, however, home to perhaps the largest xenoarchaeology department in all the Republic (Both Old and New), is involved in nearly every large excavation and/or study- and Ossus is no exception.

During The Dark Times, archaeological study receives little funding from the Empire, unless it specifically benefits Human High Culture. Most other site archaeological research is supported and pursued by private interests or universities, though even those entities must be careful not to cross the Emperor's will. Those interested in researching and locating archaeological treasures relevant to the ancient Jedi Order must exercise extreme discretion or face the wrath of the Empire (Perhaps even by the hand of Darth Vader himself).

Once Luke Skywalker opens Ossus to The New Republic, the world is ripe for study as never before. The tenacity of researchers is even greater than it was during Ossus' heyday because there is a sense of urgency: Lore of The Jedi will help the New Jedi Order find direction, instruction, and history- things sorely lacking as The Jedi try to rebuild. Other worlds the galaxy over are also searched in an attempt to locate Jedi relics.

The arrival of the Yuuzhan Vong into the galaxy brings most study to a grinding halt. It's all most academics can do just to survive, let alone conduct digs and research. The revered library world of Obra-skai is scoured clean, a crushing blow to academia. As the invaders cut a wide swath through the Republic, Ossus becomes largely isolated from The Core Worlds and proves difficult to reach from The Core and The Inner Rim for all but the most capable Starfighters and warcraft.

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