Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

Equipment Type: Survival Gear

Cost: 3750

Weight: 30 Kilograms

A light Jet Pack that is engineered to produce little to no noise, Arakyd's Hush-About Personal Jet Pack is often used by covert enemies of the Empire who are engaged in sabotage and espionage missions. A Hush-About Jet Pack uses a small jet engine that produces little noise beyond a high-pitch whine, meaning that the wearer takes no penalty on Stealth checks because of speed when using the Hush-About Jet Pack (Allowing the wearer to double Move or take the Run Action while flying the Hush-About Jet Pack with no penalty on Stealth checks). An Arakyd Hush-About Personal Jet Pack functions in all other ways like a normal Jet Pack, though each fuel cell for the Hush-About Jet Pack carries only 6 charges instead of the normal 10. Replacement fuel cells cost 100 credits.

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