Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

See also: Starship Maneuvers

This Attack Pattern focuses deflector shields in a particular direction, making it easier to absorb incoming attacks from a certain angle.

[Attack Pattern]

Time: Swift Action

Targets: Self (Special, see below)

Make a Pilot check. If you succeed on a DC 15 Pilot check, you successfully activate this maneuver. While you are engaged in combat, choose a single other Vehicle as the target of Angle Deflector Shields. Your Shield Rating is considered double for the purpose of absorbing attacks originating from that particular target. However, your Shield Rating is considered halved (Rounded down) for the purpose of absorbing attacks from all other opponents.

You may change the target of this Attack Pattern as a Swift Action.

Special: You must be Piloting a Vehicle that has SR 5 or more to use Angle Deflector Shields.

You may choose to deactivate this Attack Pattern with a Swift Action. This maneuver remains spent if you do so.

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