Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

The Aing-Tii Monks have an understanding of The Force that is different from The Jedi and most other Force TraditionsThe Force has many more aspects than just a Light Side and a Dark Side, and it is most useful for facilitating freedom of travel. You must be a member of The Aing-Tii Monks Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described below.

Aura of Freedom Edit

All allies within 6 squares of you gain a +5 Force bonus on Skill Checks or Grapple checks made to escape Grapples or other Immobilizing Hazards. Additionally, whenever an ally within 6 squares of you is moved against its will (Such as by the Move Object Force Power or the Bantha Rush Feat), you can spend a Force Point as a Reaction to negate the forced movement entirely.

Folded Space Mastery Edit

Prerequisite: Fold Space Force Power

While you are the Pilot of a Vehicle, you can use the Fold Space Force Power to move the Vehicle across long distances. If your Use the Force check to activate the Force Power is sufficient to move an object the same size as your Vehicle (Or larger), you can use the Force Power to move your Vehicle and all of it's occupants safely to the desired destination. You can use your Use the Force check result instead of a Use Computer check, as though calculating a hyperspace jump. This otherwise uses the normal rules for hyperspace travel (See Galactic Gazetteer), though travel is instantaneous and requires no hyperdrive.

Liberate Edit

Prerequisite: Aura of Freedom Talent

You can spend a Force Point as a Swift Action to designate one ally within 12 squares of you and in your line of sight that is currently Grabbed, Grappled, or Immobilized; that target automatically escapes from the Grab or Grapple (Or the Immobilization effect is removed), and the target can move up to half its Speed immediately as a Reaction. This movement does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity.

Many Shades of the Force Edit

Prerequisite: Force Training Feat

Choose one Force Power with the [Dark Side] or [Light Side] descriptor in your Force Power Suite. That Force Power is no longer considered to have that descriptor for you.

Spatial Integrity Edit

While you are aboard a Vehicle, you can spend a Force Point as a Reaction to the Vehicle taking damage; you make a Use the Force check and reduce the damage the Vehicle takes by the check result. This reduction occurs after both DR and SR are applied to the damage.

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