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Return to Blind Man's Bluff

Use the following script to start your adventure. Your gamemaster will tell you what part (or parts) to read. When your turn comes read your lines out loud, speaking the way you think your character would. Be sure to listen to what the other characters say as the script contains important background information to start the adventure.

Start the Script Edit

1st Rebel: Well, all things considered, it could be worse.

2nd Rebel: We’re locked in a detention cell in the middle of a Victory-Class Star Destroyer with no equipment and no weapons. How could it possibly be worse?

3rd Rebel: We could be dead.

Gamemaster (As voice over cell comlink): Attention prisoners. Interrogation will begin shortly. We hope that you will be as uncooperative as our last “Guests.”

4th Rebel: I’m not so sure that would be worse.

5th Rebel: I’ve got a bad feeling about this...

6th Rebel: Maybe if you had this “Bad Feeling” before convincing us to volunteer for this mission we might not be in this mess.

3rd Rebel: Yeah, when an Imperial Governor sends holotapes all over the galaxy to contact a well-known Rebel, it should set off a few warning lights.

5th Rebel: The Governor sounded sincere to me. Just a guy who’s wife was dying, and her last wish was to see her father before she took the Final Jump. What’s so unusual about that?

6th Rebel: Her father just happens to be Walex Blissex, designer of the Victory Star Destroyer, and now an important member of the Alliance.

2nd Rebel: Speaking of Blissex, where do you think they’ve taken him?

1st Rebel: I think he’s still somewhere in the detention center. I overheard some guards talking about it.

3rd Rebel: Well there’s not a whole lot we can do about it just now.

4th Rebel: What do you mean? We’ve got to escape.

5th Rebel: That’s right. Those Imperials just warned us that they’re on their way...

2nd Rebel: And they’ll probably have an interrogator Droid with them!

4th Rebel: But what can we do about it? They outnumber and outgun us, and that Captain Kolaff character sounds like a real Rancor.

1st Rebel: Yeah, the way he calmly “Invited” us all aboard his ship back at Kwenn kinda’ gave me the creeps.

6th Rebel: Listen, we’ve still got Dr. Blissex on our side, if we can find him.

5th Rebel: Right. If we do break out, he might know a way to get out of this Imperial monstrosity.

3rd Rebel: Wait a minute! You want us to go up against an entire Star Destroyer?

2nd Rebel: I like the odds...

Return to Blind Man's Bluff

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