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With time running out and a squad of angry troopers behind them, the Rebels reach the hangar bays- but realize they are in the wrong one! To get one level down to the bay they want, the Rebels must face perhaps the most deadly challenge of this adventure. They must face Captain Kolaff who awaits them in an AT-ST scout walker! The fate of the approaching Rebel task-force hangs in the balance.

Hangar Bay H-12 Edit

The Rebels finally arrive at the entrance to the hangar bay and close the door behind them. A DC 16 Use Computer check allows the heroes to lock the door. Use the map of the hangar bay below and keep count of the rounds. As the heroes turn to examine their surroundings, read:

Smoke fills this small bay, obscuring vision in all directions. Some distance to the right, four large objects can be seen through the smoke, but no details can be gleaned.


Use “The Set Up” below to run the encounter in the hangar bay.

The Set Up Edit

The heroes enter the hangar bay, starting at the door. The bay is full of a cloying, choking Smoke which issues from a smoldering dygian coolant pool in a particularly bent portion of the left wall. Walex informs the heroes that they are a level above the shuttle hangar bay, but that this bay should have a cargo lift- if they can find it without falling into it.

A DC 26 Perception check is needed to find the edge of the cargo lift in the smoke, and the heroes notice that the lift platform is on a lower level. Display the hangar bay map, above, so everyone can see it. Blissex points out the control station against the wall. From there, the Rebels can raise the lift platform, which appears to be the only way out of this bay. (They can hear troopers at the door behind them, trying to get in.) Blissex moves toward the control station immediately.

As someone heads for the control station, ask for more Perception checks. Anyone making a DC 21 roll spots the waiting Stormtroopers in the smoke. The heroes may react to the Stormtroopers’ actions. If no one makes the roll, the Stormtroopers open fire, initiating a Surprise Round before the heroes can react. Place six Stormtrooper on the map, setting them on the far side of the vehicle lift.

It takes 6 squares of movement for a hero to reach the control station. The Stormtroopers will not fire at this hero this round. A DC 16 Use Computer check activates the lift platform. A DC 14 Perception roll allows the heroes to find the environmental controls. With this panel the heroes can begin to vent the Smoke from the bay.

Venting the Smoke reveals the Stormtroopers if they haven’t been spotted already. The Smoke seems to roll and boil off their armor as they take their positions. As soon as the Stormtroopers are spotted, Walex hits the activator for the cargo lift if a hero hasn’t done so yet. As the battle begins, ask for one more set of Perception checks. Anyone making a DC 16 check notices that the shadowy forms on the right hand side of the bay are AT-ST scout walkers. Place four AT-STs on the opposite side of the bay from the vehicle lift.

  • Combat Round 1: The six Stormtroopers begin their attack, firing at Rebels who have not headed toward the control station. Blissex, and any Rebels with him, reach the control station.
  • Combat Round 2: Lift activated. Stormtroopers continue to attack, half of them Aiding Another. Remember to add the modifiers presented in Episode II: Journey to the Core. If the Rebels activate the environment controls, the Smoke begins to clear next round.
  • Combat Round 3: Lift approaches. If a hero examines the lift area, ask for a Perception check. A DC 14 result reveals something on the darkened lift; a DC 19 check lets the hero know that an AT-ST is on the lift. Stormtroopers continue to attack, firing at any heroes that head toward the parked AT-STs.
  • Combat Round 4: Lift arrives. Internal lights of walker on lift glow to life, walker turns toward heroes. Unknown to the Rebels, Captain Kolaff is at the controls. Place an AT-ST in the vehicle lift on the map.
  • Combat Round 5: Captain Kolaff attacks.

Tactics Edit

The Stormtroopers want to keep the Rebels occupied until Kolaff arrives. If there is no Smoke, they set up a position at about least 10 squares away; or fall Prone if there is Smoke to cover them. They Aid Another on their attacks effectively, most particularly on Rebels who are trying to make it to a parked AT-ST. Once Kolaff’s AT-ST rises out of the smoke-filled lift, they work as support for the superior fire power of the walker.

Captain Kolaff wants two things- a fight and a win. Captain Kolaff tries to keep the Rebels from using the other AT-STs, until there is only one walker left. He then duels the remaining walker one on one.

Final Exam Edit

Kolaff has left this “Gift” for the brave Rebels. He has provided them with AT-STs in order to meet him on the field of battle, assuming they are good enough to get past the last squad of Stormtroopers. The obsessed captain has ordered that the Rebels be allowed to board one of the walkers, so that he may administer to them his final lesson. As the heroes enter the cockpit of one of the AT-STs, read the following aloud:

The AT-ST’s holoprojector hums to life. The image of a man’s face appears before you. He is wearing a sleek black command helmet, which seems to complement the stinging grin cracked across his face. A painfully familiar voice speaks. “Welcome, my students, to your final exam.” The confident Kolaff slides a pair of dark goggles over his eyes. “This is a fight between soldiers. Soldiers in the skins of titans. Or should I say farmers in the skins of soldiers in the skins of titans, hmmm?” With that, the AT-ST that arrived on the vehicle lift tips its cockpit toward you in salute. Then it opens fire.

Run the battle in the hangar using all the rules presented here. Let Kolaff’s voice break over the comlinks every so often to complement a good move or to chastise a bad one. The battle ends when the heroes defeat Captain Kolaff and the Stormtroopers, or when Kolaff defeats them.

Ending the Episode Edit

Once the haze of combat clears, the heroes can use the lift to lower themselves to the hangar bay that holds the shuttle. Go on to Episode VI: The Final Escape for the grand conclusion.

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